Who are we?

Agents spanning positions in defense, government, academia, and various other professions and services including tradesmen, artists, and the adolescent - and remain anonymous due to pervasive dysgenic elements across the current cultural and political landscape. 

Females who wish to benefit from our vision and purpose in defending their natural interests and protecting their natural and sacred roles and values in the world. 

Individuals that are interested in or support or acknowledge some aspect of our Vision and purpose, and wish to see this develop further in the world.

And Collaborators from other related channels, movements, groups, or efforts. 

What are we?

We are a crucial aspect of life itself.

We are beyond any person.

We are an inevitable expression of what IS.

We are an expression of Consciousness.

We are a sacred stream of inquiry.

We are bodies of information - In the past, the present, and the future.

Our leadership consists of intellectuals, philosophers, statesmen, service men and women, executives, officers, free-thinkers, academics, and other peoples able to lead in this vision.

We stand for Truth, Life, and Civilization.

We are a place for ladies and gentlemen, and the fostering of their children.

We want to save the divine reasoning in man from falling into bestial states or further into virtual simulacrum.  We defend the sacred consciousness from the tumultuous states of mankind.

Divine aspects and sacred principles do exist - as does a strong history of spirit - and we command to defend it and continue it for the benefit of all that is good in the world.

We are not evil - we are its opposite.  And if you think we are, then you need to stop and have a really good look at yourself.

We are on standby at all times. 

And we wield the sword of truth.   

The Legacy / The League:



















IMPERIALTUS is manifested by a membership body and administrated by a directorship group of its members (A Council of 12).

We welcome additional team / core members, assistance with Visual Media and Social Media and Marketing, and our council is screening / rotating / filling.

Contact us at:  admin@imperialtus.org