The Sacred Flame of the West:

An Epic production spanning the heights of the western world and its great spirit within. This is for educational purposes to assist families and nations across the west toward stability, self-realization, and greater potential. 

Organizational Intro Video # 1:

A general introduction to IMPERIALTUS #1.

The Great Key to Life:

Uncovering powerful and sacred principles behind the thriving of humanity.

Organizational Intro Video # 2:

A general introduction to IMPERIALTUS #2.

What's your world coming to?

A look into some of the cultural threats and erosion across the global socio-political landscape in contrast to the sacred laws of life within the west.  


A bold presentation of the concepts and the basis that drives IMPERIALTUS. 

The World Today:

Outlines the Western World Today - with its underlying Truths and realities - and highlights the ways for improvement. 

A Tribute & A Wake-Up Call to The West:

An expansive journey exploring the pivotal leadership, vigor, beauty, grace, civilization, science, philosophy, war, order, the pioneering spirit and the self-determination of the peoples of the west throughout the ages. 

The Greatest Story on Earth:



This video discloses levels of reality that will expectedly be met with common skepticism and disbelief, due to common ignorance of the depth of reality -  however, the consideration of this information is crucial for real evolutionary progress.  

In the case that you may find the video too difficult to believe, we ask that you choose to continue to benefit from our other material and vision.    

More videos coming soon !

Topics to Include:

  • Real Exposure into the World Today.
  • The True Point of Gold, Wealth, and Money.
  • The Keys to Unlock Yourself.
  • Balance.
  • War & Order.
  • Wisdom of the Ages.
  • Wisdom for Today.
  • Harmony.
  • Family.
  • Meme Slides / Humor.
  • and more.

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