Fields of Operation:

  • Socio-Political.
  • Education.
  • Working to undo the vices of contemporary culture.
  • The global financial system and debt.
  • Politics.
  • Scientific endeavour /applied sciences.
  • Academia. 
  • Sustainable Energy.
  • Environment.
  • Food health.
  • The Arts.
  • Music.
  • Books.
  • Race realism.
  • Spiritual awareness.
  • Creation / Purpose of Life / God / Religion / Theology.
  • The Sacred Balance and the Great Key.
  • Liberty.
  • Individual, Family & Communal Security, National Security, and Cultural Security.
  • Research.



We aspire for the virtues that have served as a leading light across the history of 

western civilization that have protected and lifted those whom create such a state.


In protection of upheaval from corruptive forces from within, and externally - we stand to uphold 

these virtues in the defence of our integrity and to allow for our development instead of our 



We aim to educate our members as comprehensively as they may be willing or able to 

be educated.  Following this, we aim to extend our vision as pervasively as possible – across 

online networks, channels, and media, into communities, schools, universities, scientific 

fields, corporate culture, wider culture, government agencies, and politics.  

And of utmost importance is the correct education, protection, and guidance of younger and future 


We can offer programs to conjoin with the curriculum of state-run and/or private school 

systems, and through other mediums of education including webinars. 

Organization of knowledge and information, and the protection from misinformation, chaos, 

distraction, and vice in their various manifestations. 

Knowledge is not meant by nature to be withheld or commodified as to harbour power – it is 

meant to be diffused and distributed for the self-realisation and evolution of a people.  

We wish to bring clarity to the confusion rife within life.   


Many western cultural virtues have been debauched throughout contemporary culture.  

There is explanation behind all of this, which will be explored and uncovered in our material. 


A grave reality is the brain-deadening effects on current and future generations, which decays 

all manner of moral, spiritual, and cultural advancement, and allows the descent into darkness and mass slavery by way of socially-promoted degeneration. 

Mainstream media presents a torrent of artificial distraction far removed from the grounds of 

reality.  Rampant consumerism ultimately sells out one’s own children and forthcoming 

generations, is reinforced by cultural norms and pressure, and is under the guise of the pursuit 

of profits.  

Contemporary models and systems peddling ignorance and deceit promote falsity, illusions, 

and propagate debt, thereby maintaining pressure on vices and the descent of mankind. Much 

of the widely-cast web of advertising and consumerism feeds off the weak-minded, serves to 

line the pockets of profiteering manipulators, and promotes debt through the front of the 

artificial glitter of materialism. 

Much of contemporary culture in the west has turned from the direct and conscious 

acknowledgement of the good intention of life.  We aim to make this aspect in life a part of 

day-to-day conscious awareness to all those that choose to be a part of it.  In the face of the 

social bombardment of endless layers of distraction, we seek to ground and elevate our 

members, and humanity. 

Consider that peoples of the west are pervasively indebted, bombarded with junk, guided and 

pressured to propagate junk, caught up in greed, brainwashed, consuming cancerous 

substances, enabling immoral behaviour, revelling in media delusions, creating too much 

waste, mismanaging themselves and their societies and environments, being forced to live and 

work among peoples not of their conscious election, and are being sold out as a commodified 

unit of value to be squeezed out through a dark system. 


Virtuous principles are being drowned under the push of globalization, money, false 

ambitions, and under governments that are under the influence of the interests of 

international finance.  It has been identified that the forced dilution of culture through an 

agenda behind strategic aspects of globalization, widely interpreted and sold to various people 

as a good agenda - is in fact disabling in ways which must be addressed. 

The mass of what voters and consumers believe to be true is controlled by those who control 

the channels and voices of the media and popular culture.  And in its current state, it is a 

recipe to literally drive the world insane, to uproot reality, to enslave people, and to detach 

mankind from God.  The degeneration of humanity is an act of darkness, it is an attack on the 

soul, and a cage against higher humanity. 

The light and strength within western mankind dims when he is saturated.  Western man has 

grown saturated in his comforts, and naturally his strength within begs to be reignited in 

order to thrust humanity upward and onward.  He cannot and should not weaken and fatten 

any further, as his mind will further become hijacked by lesser forces and darkness, and thus 

the world will fall.  He must take ownership in himself and reignite his strength to move 

mankind upward from chaos, degeneration, darkness, confusion, sin, and upheaval.



The global financial system in its current state is not sustainable.  It is not an eternally 

vested right nor is it a naturally divine system and is thus susceptible to imbalance and 

corruption, as it is today.  There are other alternatives which may be transitioned toward to 

ensure the prosperity and protection of future generations, which we will present in our 

content and material.  

Proper and well-functioning humanity is not meant to be living under a system of global debt.  

This reflects a lack of self-responsibility within individuals, and a deep and pervasive 

exploitation of this lack of self-responsibility.  It is the exploitation of this lack of self

responsibility that spreads darkness within and over humankind and allows for the imbalance 

to continue. 

Culture and principles, and the foundations of society and the family, have been sold out to 

the modern god of economics and international banking, globalization, and profit seeking.  

Western Governments have succumbed to playing to this tune and will further lead people 

away from the integrity of western civilization and down into abysmal futures for coming 





We seek a presence within Politics across as many states and nations as possible, in 

order to gather social momentum and interest toward our vision and our future.    



We seek a presence within and across the fields and applications of science, in order to 

bring further credit and progress to our vision.



We seek a presence in influential places within Academia, in order to bring further 

credibility and development to our vision. 



We actively seek to work to promote industries including electromagnetic energy 

generation, solar power, geothermal, tidal, wind, and other sustainable technologies and their 

applications, which must necessarily be transitioned toward in order for the world to survive 

and to advance.    

We contrast these technologies with the negative externalities of the fossil fuel industries, and 

we demonstrate the benefits and the waste and cost reductions of sustainable energy 

technologies in their applications to households, communities, and the world.   

We will build relationships, links, and contracts with organizations, individuals, businesses, 

and pursuits in these fields in relation to our vision.



We seek clear air, clean and uncontaminated water, good healthy soil, trees and plant 

life, the widespread availability of vegetables and fruits, and the planting of good seeds as 

broadly as possible. 

Minimizing of waste, and working toward the eventual conversion and transition from 

industrial-age fossil fuels to space-age sustainable energy production and the harnessing of 

electromagnetic energy.



We advocate for the utmost care and conscientiousness toward the sources of fuel for 

the body.  In order for the physical vessel to function at levels reflective of the conduct of this 

organization, food sources must be healthy enough to allow for the channels of the mind and 

body to function harmoniously and not be constricted by toxins, excess fats, carcinogens, and 

other unhealthy by-products and foods.  We shall offer comprehensive food and nutrition 

information and guides. 



Reality is the ultimate art, and we wish to keep it in good shape.  We will have a 

presence in statecraft, the sciences, innovation, defence and military, churches, trades and 

industries, agriculture, spiritual movements, and across the arts that promote, enhance, and 

decorate our vision. 



We will promote, support, and create a forum for classical, powerful, serene, 

traditional, and beautiful music - to shine as an example of the emotiveness, talent, beauty, 

complexity, and strength behind our spirit and expressions.  This will incorporate baroque, 

renaissance, and other variants of classical music, various traditional European music and 

other European folk music of deep substance, contemporary masculine expressions as found 

in high quality metal, beautiful feminine expressions in music, choir music of the Church, and 


This will stand in contrast to the degenerating contemporary pop and other bastardized music 

genres as pushed and consumed across the mainstream in modern culture. 



We will work toward the collection and promotion of constructive information, 

material, and books - spanning history, the sciences, philosophy, theology, arts, architecture, 

recreation, horticulture, military principles, discipline, child-rearing, physical fitness, healthy 

entertainment, and other categories.



We honour Truth, and the disciplines that give rise to virtues, before we honour 

cultural sympathy, corrupt social sentiment, naïve policies, and undermining narratives. 

The contemporary western-liberal-political narrative of racial diversity being a strength is 

wishful thinking at its worst, which plays off of emotional naivety, sympathy, pacifism, and the 

delusion of total equality, and is in fact part of a deceptive globalist scheme of manipulation 

for the end purposes of rounding down as many people as possible into pacified units of value 

or currency – devoid of their sovereignty, race, and uniqueness.


The obvious yet meddled truth is that racial groups share intrinsic genetic characteristics that 

work best when members of the same racial group are living together and working in service 

of each other, and their integrity is best served and honoured when this environment is 

promoted.  Globalization and the curiosity for exploration, seeking profits, and experiencing 

and competing with other cultures has challenged this stability and has sought to develop a 

new global-world-paradigm in order to maximise the value of this – yet this value also has a 

cost and a highly destructive side.


To force the mixing of all racial groups is to destroy their unique identities by forcing 

behaviour down to a baseline common-ground wavelength, and essentially diluting real 

individual spirit and character. 

Whenever attempts are made to incorporate racial groups, even when well-intentioned, there 

are always problems that arise. 

The concentration of like-qualities among racial groups aids in their self-awareness and 

honouring their own selves.  Cultural melting pots dilute identities, are destructive, weaken, 

confuse, create imbalance, and are preludes to slavery, conflict, degeneration, or war.  

Honouring racial self-sovereignty is true multiculturalism – for each race to honour the 

responsibility to and for itself – this is the key to evolution.


This movement is of a Western/European basis, and its vision, spirit, progress, and ethos is a 

product of its history and insight.  In defiance of its weakening, and to clarify the reality that 

western European peoples represent only 10% of the global population, we wish to unite and 

concentrate this cultural awareness, in order to thrive in integrity - as great accomplishments 

will occur through this.  We encourage other cultures and peoples to honour their heritage 

also, and we encourage them to establish their own variants of this organization as 

suited/adjusted to their nature and culture.  


We promote the personal development of increasing levels of consciousness and self

awareness that necessarily incorporates a spiritual awareness.

We share a collection of wisdom and views as discerned from the recordings of figures including Christ, the Buddha, great philosophers, sages, yogis, some avatars across recorded history, and some contemporary spiritual teachers and guides. 

We wish to lead mankind into his own light – and thus allow this light to manifest outward, to 

bring it upon himself and the world – through the light within himself, and honouring such 

light in life.  We wish to lead man and the planet out of chains and turmoil, knots, suffocation, 

pollution, disease, distraction, hell, and destruction - and into harmony, evolution, spirit, 

awareness, creativity, divine order, balance, and evolution.



Concerning the connection to sacred principles, creation, divine order, and aspects of God - we promote a Truth-based paradigm in revealing its workings – incorporating an 

amalgamation of some of the deepest and most lasting observations gathered across history.  

We advocate some core truths within the Holy Bible, aspects of Taoism, Hermetic Law / 

Natural Law, aspects of Darwinism and natural selection, aspects of Norse-Greco-Roman 

Mythology, and aspects and evidence of extra-terrestrial disclosure - and we bring it all 

together to form an immensely enlightening framework and basis for reality. 

We identify the causes of deceptions away from the Truth, DNA, and all forms of 

degeneration.  Humans have been given the Word of Life – yet have failed themselves and 

have been deceived away from it.  We highlight this word of life as our core tenet, existing 

within us and as given to us for eternity, and we identify the counter-movements against this 

and identify how this is responsible for the plight of man from harmony and evolution.   


We present the true middle-path and the related balance of life.  We explain the sacred 

structure of the brain, the body, and the mind in its ability to function in a fuller state of 

awareness and balance, and live in harmony and concordance with reality.   

In opposition to this exists the manipulation of perception, constriction of the mind, 

imbalance of the brain, and physical imbalance - resulting in the creation and experience of a 

life and a world rife with conflict and imbalance.   

We present the unification of the universal duality – uncovering the real middle-path – as 

something that exists to be realized, and not to be hijacked, reserved, or manipulated by dark 

forces as it has been.  We believe that this level of self-awareness and universal awareness 

must eventually and necessarily be known to people in order to ensure a ‘self-responsible, self

aware, self-empowered, earned, and embodied’ destiny for a people.  It is not to be seized by 

the few, but to be available to be taught and embraced by as many as able.     



We recognize that true human liberty is achieved, earned, and realized only when life 

follows in accordance to the principles which allow for it.  It exists within the spirit and mind 

of people and has been issued into the world only when a degree of knowledge and self

realization allow for it – and it ceases to exist to the degree that people do not adequately 

develop knowledge of it within themselves.  




These areas will develop as our organization takes root, amalgamates, and grows.  We 

can only determine our degree of security to the degree that we successfully secure our 



We strongly encourage research by members into any and all fields of interest, with 

findings to be channelled through the relevant field of operation, to allow for further 

expansion, grounds, legitimacy, and success of our organization. 



IMPERIALTUS exists to guard and uphold a sacred flame - The Light of Mankind

In a time of growing confusion and dilution of identity in an increasingly globalized world, we seek to preserve the legacy and virtues of civilization toward the stars.

We seek to take root and branch out creating great networks and alliances through good people.

Members can share in and actively contribute to our values and vision.



















We are a good resource and structure to help shape and properly educate the 

youth to strong and thriving futures.


A crucial environment for curious minds to embrace our vision, spread its presence, and gather momentum.


We are a friend and brotherhood to trades and workers.


Our vision can serve as a source of inspiration for members of the emergency services, Police, Military, Ambulance services, and others alike, and we seek for a strong presence within.


Vital to ensure the computing environment is correctly maximized and 



Vital to ensure the structural integrity of the built environment within our towns, cities, and nations. 


We encourage and support females to acknowledge our vision and to join in our journey.  We encourage women to rise to the realization of their fullest and most natural state and balance, and we give our full support to females on this path and we stand to support them with all of our hearts.  We are fighting to save misguided women, broken marriages and families, and we aim to empower females in the most balanced sense. 


We strive to advance science and alongside scientists in the right direction.


We may establish and further ourselves as a religious identity to the degree that people may demonstrate need of.  We will not shy from identifying and exposing misinformation or mistranslations across religions, but otherwise we welcome all religious denominations to consider our information, and we seek to add 

perspective to religious ideologies by adding firmament and deeper information.