The Ultimate Text: The Galaxa Magna


 An epic masterpiece spanning the origins of life, wisdom literature, spirituality, disclosure, critiques on the contemporary vices ailing the western world, ancient laws, the sacred, expanded consciousness, enlightenment, balance, ethics, politics, good government, righteousness, divinity, and self-awareness. 

Build a true awareness of yourselves and your potential, build off a groundwork of principles, connect with cultures, governments, politics, science, communities, youth, artists, explorers, and all those with the qualities to thrive through IMPERIALTUS.

Make your Home a Safe and Beautiful place in the World.  Rise through Righteousness, Integrity, and the support of the Right friends and family. 

IMPERIALTUS - Operational Mandate and Vision - July 2017. (pdf)


The World Today:

A Club, Society, Sanctuary, & Eternal Bedrock and Guidestone through Life:

We are a Calling and a Haven from the Plight of the World, with a view to foster the Triumph of the World.  Great things are accomplished with hearts and minds open to the Truth. 

Join us if you can walk our path in life and claim our Haven.

A Center for Knowledge, Policy, Ideas, Innovation, Invention, Direction, and Growth:

We thrive through a collective effort of capable members, proven leaders, and those of integrity - concentrating our efforts and resources on areas of importance to edify a better world. 

A Bastion for Truth, Strength, Justification, Advancement, & Vision:

As fortified by Sacred Principles, Reasoning, History, and Sagacity - we defend the path of Wisdom and proclaim its mandate.  

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